7 tips to save money for the holiday season

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Holiday season is one of the most expensive time of the year. Here is our article on how to save money this Christmas. The holiday season is the time to show your love and how much you care for your friends and family. But that doesn't mean your budget has to suffer because of it!

Prepare yourself in September for Christmas to save money.

Plan ahead as early as September to give yourself the time to plan out your spending for the holidays. You will also manage your budget better and have time to think things through instead of rushing on the first idea you had.

Put some money aside each month to create a Christmas fund: you will create a comfortable fund at the rate of $20 a month to offer something for everyone.

As early as September, start looking out for specials on expensive foods like champagne, scallops, sea urchins, and lobsters, and freeze if possible. For champagne and good wine, it's easy as you can keep them for a few years!

Ask your loved ones for gift ideas and shop in advance. When you shop, as soon as you see something that your loved ones might like, buy it. Make a list of gifts in advance, and take advantage of discounts and promotions to buy at that time. The best gifts are often little special touches or nods to moments spent together and not expensive things.

Limit the money that comes out of your pocket

Here's one of our favourite tips for saving money during the holidays and after.

Now is the time to use the rewards from the loyalty cards you have accumulated during this year. You can use your supermarket loyalty points to pay for grocery shopping, for example.

Take a look at the loyalty cards you currently have and see what you can use. You may be surprised at how these loyalty cards and programs can help you save on Christmas purchases.

What if you saved by anticipating your future purchases? Since you've asked others what they want for Christmas, you can also leave clues during the conversation. Need a new Italian coffee maker and some good coffee? Looking at a new bike? Leaving hints will help save you money down the line and avoid having to make purchases for things you want yourself. Hey, it is the holidays for you too! You also get to ask for things!

Give preference to homemade gifts.

Gifts are the other big-spending budget for Christmas and the holiday season. Of course, shopping online will cost you less money. However, this is not good for the planet, jobs or local business in your city.

If the gifts you find in stores are too expensive for your wallet, you can also choose to create a gift with your own hands. This present idea is a great way to make a very personal Christmas gift because you’re taking the time to make something unique. Plus, homemade gifts give a special touch to a home that you won't find anywhere in stores. You're in luck. There are many video guides on the internet for making DIY gifts. Here are some ideas:

- A work of art in the form of collages with personal photos or magazines

- Room sprays and perfumes with essential oils

- Custom coasters in fabric, leather, or even ropes

- Kitchen linen (napkins, tablecloth, apron) personalized with their name written on it

- A personalized shaving cream made with leftover soap, sweet almond oil and essential oils

- Prepare sweet foods that cost nothing to cook, such as apple or pear or cranberry butter. Put everything in glass jars, which you will have collected in previous weeks. With a small ribbon, add a note where it says, "Made with love." Guaranteed to bring some joy!


Did you know you might as well do without wrapping paper? In August 2018, according to Sundale Research, people in the US spent $12.7 billion on gift wraps. Most of the wrapping paper cannot be recycled due to the presence of plastic in it. So, it's time to do away with wrapping paper for the sake of the environment and your pocket money.

If you thought ahead, reuse last year's wrapping paper.


And if not, use newsprint or magazines. Get your children involved to personalize your custom wrapping. Use coloured pencils or markers to decorate this wrapping paper.

If you're very much on social media, join a donation group to give unwanted items and request wrappers and old Christmas decorations.


And keep your eyes open for the rest of the year. You might just find boxes with pretty decorations or nice gift bags that your friends and family may not want to keep.!

Talk to loved ones about your wish to save money.

Agree on a fixed budget for gifts. You can also suggest that everyone combine their funds to give each one a beautiful gift that makes them happy. Online jackpots now allow you to pool small amounts to buy significant Christmas gifts.


When it comes to the Christmas dinner, it can be tempting to overbuy food. Try to plan your meal and purchases as much as you can to avoid food waste. And as with the homemade gifts and gift wrappings,  get everyone involved. Why shouldn't everyone bring part of the meal? This would split the costs and allow everyone to discover another favourite dish or specialty.


As a Christmas present, nothing is more precious than time!

Everyone knows that time and moments spent together are more precious than anything. Instead of giving away physical items, you can also give your time as a Christmas present. Think about all of those things that you can do that would make your friends and family happy. Here are some Christmas gift ideas that will cost you nothing:

- Give your child a voucher for a whole day with you to do activities.

- For your children, create some coupons: "Get out of making your bed this week," "You can go to bed an hour later tonight," "I'm making your favourite dish tonight."

- Gentlemen, write a beautiful poem to make your lady wait patiently for a pretty ring

- For gardening enthusiasts, offer various seeds to create an indoor vegetable garden.

- Offer to drive your parents or in-laws to town if they don't drive anymore.

- Offer your friends who are parents to look after their children for a whole weekend so that they can get away.

- Create a DVD with old family films: guaranteed happiness!


Rather than buying things, you can also offer experiences that create lasting memories. This is what brings people together. Here are some cheap and fun Christmas gift ideas:

- Offer a massage or a spa outing via a site like Groupon, which offers unbeatable prices.

- An online course about a skill or hobby the person loves.

- A board game to brighten up winter evenings will be all the rage.

- A guided city tour to learn more about the history and mysteries they might never have suspected.


Christmas is a celebration of love for family, joy and generosity. Offering unforgettable moments and allowing others to benefit from your talents is an invaluable gift. More than material objects, memories perpetuate the spirit of this festive period.


Do an activity on Christmas day.


In the same idea of ​​bringing experiences to life, why not have a moment together on Christmas day? You could organize an Escape Game or a treasure hunt. You will find a lot of ideas on the internet!

Check out the free activities in your area as well. You will often find:

- Light festivals in the parks,

- Christmas decoration contests

- Concerts in churches

- Santa village to visit


Some activities are offered online this year to allow everyone to experience the holiday spirit from home.


Keep in mind while you care about your budget, making others happy is part of the holiday spirit. The best gifts are those that strengthen bonds with family, friends and loved ones. Your loved ones may know that you are mindful of your personal finances, so don't worry too much about it. And then, as adults, we prefer to know that our loved ones are safe, happy and sharing moments with them rather than possessing objects. Likewise, making sure your family will always be safe is the most beautiful gift that endures even if you are no longer seen. Paying attention to your finances throughout the year allows you to make essential purchases: a repair on the car, a medical device, or additional insurance.

What use of gifts if your loved ones no longer have a home to live in?

Offer security and serenity to your loved ones for this year. Give them a roof over their heads and an income no matter what. Take a look at what our products can do for you, or apply for a free no-obligation quote now to speak with one of our licensed advisors.

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