Funeral Insurance

he cost of a funeral can be well over $10,000 today and can leave your family with a serious debt to pay during an already difficult period. Funeral insurance plans alleviate this financial burden by covering your final costs and debts, so your loved ones are financially secure or provide your family with a parting gift.

The Final Expense Plan protects the people who matter most to you from the financial strain of covering funeral costs. If you are worried about having enough to cover your final needs, get some peace of mind now with a Final Expense Plan. Cover funeral costs, any remaining debts, or simply leave your family with a legacy to remember you.
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Key Features

Easy Eligibility
There are just 2 eligibility criteria that need to be met to apply:
You must be between ages 18 to 80 and a US resident.
Simple Application
Our fast application process can be completed entirely from the comfort of home, with no agent visits and no appointments.
Guaranteed Benefit
You can be assured that as long as you pay your premiums, your lifetime coverage will never be changed or cancelled.
Guaranteed Premiums
Your premiums are guaranteed to stay level. Regardless of your age or health status, there will be no surprise premium hikes.
No Medical Exam
Coverage as high as $35,000 is available with no physical exams, no nurse’s visit, and no needles.
No Paperwork Required
Applying for coverages doesn’t require you to complete any paperwork to be eligible.

What Can Final Expense Plan Do For You?

✓ Build and leave a legacy to the people who matter most to you.
✓ Supplement your retirement income.
✓ Cover your final expenses and debts.
✓ Provide you with cash value you can borrow from to use in day to day life.

How to Apply?

Getting coverage is as easy as 1-2-3 (No, really).
Complete a quick 1-minute quote request.
Answer a few simple questions with our friendly advisors.
Get your policy on the same day applied.

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