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Is the thought of getting insured scaring you a little?
Does it seem confusing? Like you have no idea where to start?

We have you covered. Our life insurance navigator is designed to simply outline every aspect of the insurance application and buying processes, as well as the options available to you when living with your policy.

Let’s walk you through the typical journey of your life insurance plan.
Get a Quote
Complete a simple quote request form.
  • This is typically where most people start when beginning the life insurance buying process. The simple quote form found on our site only requires some basic information like smoking status and your age to help us start generating the most accurate quotes for you.
Speak with our advisors.
  • Once you’ve submitted your quote request, our representatives will reach out to you and help you with any questions you may have. You will work one-on-one with our helpful and local agents who will gladly outline your options and go over every aspect of the plans presented to you.
Approval Process
Guided health questionnaire.
  • Our advisors will walk you through a questionnaire that will determine the plans that will work best for you.

  • You will also be provided with free no-obligation quotes for each coverage option given to you.

  • After our advisors provide you with your options, you can choose to go forward with the buying process or not.

  • If you choose to go forward, the advisor you are speaking with will get a few additional details, such as beneficiary information, to finalize your policy.
Policy issued.
  • With our coverage, once you are approved, your policy is issued the very same day.
  • Your policy will be sent by email and standard mail once it is approved.

Review period.
  • After you are approved, and your policy is issued, you have a 30-day review period.
  • During this time, you can cancel your policy and get a full refund if you decide that the plan is not what you wanted.
Living with Your Policy
Updating your coverage.
  • Life is always changing, and your needs often change with it, that’s why our plans allow you to increase or decrease your coverage amounts. If you just had a baby or are in the market for a new home, more coverage may work better for you. On the other hand, if you children are grown up and out of the house, you may want to decrease your coverage slightly. We have options for every need at every stage of life.

  • You can also update your beneficiary information, so your plan’s benefit is always going to the right person or people. For example, if you go through a divorce and want to change your beneficiary information from your ex-spouse to your children, you can do so. 

  • Unique to our final expense plan is the cash value feature. With this aspect of the plan, a portion of your premium payment goes into a savings account that you can access whenever you need it. The saved funds are then available to help cover premiums or other expenses.
When the Term is Close to Expiring
Renewing/Converting your term coverage.
  • You have two options to make when your term plan is about to expire.

    • You can renew your term coverage for another term length without any doctor visits, but your rates will change and adjust based on your new age. If you still have temporary financial obligations like a mortgage or helping your children with access to higher education, renewing your coverage for another term will work best for you

    • You can also convert your plan to a whole life policy without a medical exam. People choose to do this if they have lifelong dependents that they need to help support.
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