Gifting an Early Inheritance: Benefits & Questions

When we think about leaving a legacy, the thought of passing on wealth after we pass away comes to mind. Now, this is an entirely acceptable way to help your loved ones; after all, you won’t be around anymore to lend them a hand when they need financial help. But have you ever considered the option of passing on a legacy while still alive? Gifting an early inheritance is a great way to see your family benefit from your help and give yourself peace of mind at the same time.  (more…)

Funeral Arrangements vs Funeral Insurance?

Are you currently comparing a pre-arranged funeral and final expense insurance prices? Have you always wondered which one was the best for you? Funeral expense contracts and funeral life insurance are, in fact, two very different products. And nothing prevents you from combining them to serve your personal finances better.

This article will explain the differences and the advantages between pre-arranged funeral arrangements and a final expense insurance contract for funeral expenses. We will also discuss the issue of the Quebec Pension Plan death benefit.