Gifting an Early Inheritance: Benefits & Questions

When we think about leaving a legacy, the thought of passing on wealth after we pass away comes to mind. Now, this is an entirely acceptable way to help your loved ones; after all, you won’t be around anymore to lend them a hand when they need financial help. But have you ever considered the option of passing on a legacy while still alive? Gifting an early inheritance is a great way to see your family benefit from your help and give yourself peace of mind at the same time.  (more…)

How do I claim a life insurance benefit after a death?

First of all, if you have a life insurance policy, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to put your papers in order now for your loved ones. By taking the time to get your paperwork in order, you will be making the claims process easier on your beneficiaries when it comes time for them to submit a claim. But most families often don’t even know if there is a life insurance plan in place when they need it most.

If you don't know if your loved one had life insurance, some institutions can help you. The best way is to go through all the documents to find policy references: both in paper and electronic form. But what happens once you find the policy? How do you go about making a claim?

First, call the insurer to confirm the coverage and follow their process to receive the benefit. There is no need for a notary or a professional. Here are the 3 things to consider when it is time to claim a life insurance death benefit. And please be sure to share this article if you know someone it would help.


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