The top five most common accidents in the US

Accidents happen when we least expect them, and most people don't have the savings to face them if they occur. That's why it is important to consider life insurance, which works as a backup in case of an incident. Since these types of situations could be just around the corner, let's take a look at the top five most common accidents in the US. (more…)

7 tips to stay healthy to qualify for life insurance

Have you ever been turned down by a life insurance company? Or you’ve probably heard of insurance denials and wondered why an insurance company would refuse to insure people? There are many reasons for the denial of life insurance coverage. Insurers will use your profile, your age and your health history to determine if you are insurable or not. So if you want to buy a life insurance plan, you should prepare from now and stack all the odds in your favor to be insured. As you read this, do you know someone who has been denied life insurance and would like to qualify for life insurance? Share this article with this person to help her!

It's easy to get life insurance at age 30, but much more challenging after 50 years old or during retirement.  What to do if you are denied life insurance? You must prove that you are in good health and not at risk for any illnesses and diseases. So read these tips carefully to take care of your health and increase your chances of getting a life insurance plan. Tip number 7 will surprise you!


5 Important Steps to Take When Choosing Your Beneficiary

Leaving something behind for your family when you pass away is something we all want to do to protect the financial futures of those that matter most. For this reason, your beneficiary is one of the most critical factors of your life insurance plan.

But how should you go about choosing your beneficiary? As simple as the decision seems to be, it actually can be more complicated than it sounds.

The process of naming a beneficiary requires a lot of consideration, and often there are some important aspects of choosing a recipient that people don't realize. Life and other circumstances can get in the way of making a decision, so we've gathered some helpful tips to make the process easier for you. (more…)