Virtual Tours to Museums - Keeping Your Mind Active and Enriched From Home

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Virtual visits to museums provide the opportunity to see history come alive and walk through their corridors all from the comfort of home. With the current situation globally, partaking in a virtual museum tour is one of the most attractive options available to keep our minds active during quarantine.

Technology has brought innumerable benefits to humanity, and one of them is the possibility of carrying out virtual tours to museums during this lockdown. For example, imagine that you can see La Gioconda up close at Louvre Museum in Paris or see all the details of El Lavatorio by Tintoretto in the Prado Museum in Madrid from the comfort of your sofa. Doesn’t that sound exciting? In addition to this, we will have access to expert explanations, which will help us understand the history and context of the works. This opportunity is not always available on on-site visits to museums.

A great way to exercise your mind

The mind, as well as the body, must be active. An excellent alternative for this is virtual visits to museums, which allows us to learn more about different cultures and is a perfect activity to cope with isolation due to the pandemic. Here are our top 3 virtual museum tours.

The Hermitage Museum

Located in the Russian city of Saint Petersburg, the Hermitage Museum has one of the most extensive art galleries in the world. The enclosure has six buildings that house more than three million art pieces, which made up what was previously the private collection that the tsars were acquiring over the years. So, you can leap from ancient Greek art to medieval Asian and then visit the Portrait Gallery of the Romanov dynasty in an instant. Learn more about the Hermitage Museum’s virtual tours and discover all they have to offer now.

The Prado Museum

The Prado Museum opened its doors on November 19, 1819, with just 311 works of art. Today this collection amounts to 16,028 pieces. Through its website, you will see the complete collection in detail. The virtual tour divides art by author, theme, chronology, material, techniques and more. In addition, you will also have access to a compilation of the entire museum’s masterpieces

The latest project of the museum is the virtual tour of the "Mythological Passions" exhibition. Thanks to the Gigapixel Second Canvas technology, which offers an extreme level of zoom, which goes beyond what the human eye can observe with the naked eye, it gives us a different and unique perspective of what the virtual tours of the future will be.

Google Arts & Culture

Do you like art? Do you love visiting museums? If so, visit Google Arts & Culture as soon as possible. It is a project in which you can explore collections and museums from different countries, in addition to allowing you to search by subject, artists, artistic movements, historical events, historical figures, or places.


Other interesting Virtual Museum Tours options

Hundreds of museums offer virtual tours, and here we leave you the list of others that we find interesting.


Uffizi Gallery

It contains the collection of works of art acquired by the Medici family up to the 18th century.

Louvre Museum

The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci is not the only spectacular piece in the Louvre Museum. Discover it in this virtual tour. 

National Gallery of Vitoria (Melbourne)

The work done by the National Gallery of Vitoria in its virtual tour is one of the best. Its collections include works from the 13th century to the controversial artist KAWS.

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